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US Policies on International Students – Should We Worry?

May 2017 Newsletter

" For Malaysian students seeking to study abroad, recent executive orders signed by United States president Donald Trump have raised concerns that their educational options and mobility may be affected for the worse " writes Prof. Matthew D. Johnson of Taylor's University in a letter to the editor, Malay Mail of March 16, 2017.

US policies have chilling effect on international studies

This concern is also expressed by some of our (AUAM) members who are weighing other options now, when previously they were steadfast in wanting their children to experience the US education that they greatly benefited from.

It was reported that many universities in the US are seeing a drop in applications from International students, while Canada sees an increase. Ivy League universities are expressing concern that they may lose out in attracting top talent. Other universities are starting high schools within their campuses to attract the fee paying international students as a means to make up for the lost revenue due to the lower enrolment of international students in their undergraduate and graduate programs.

" In the long run, we don't know how these policies by Trump will affect Malaysian students who wish to study in the US " said Prof Barry Eichengreen of University of California, Berkeley who was in Kuala Lumpur recently, advising students to " keep applying because educators and universities still want foreign students to come to the United States. " (StarEducate, 23 April 2017).

With nearly 8,000 Malaysian students studying in the US this year, an 8.3% increase over last year, Dr. James Coffman, Executive Director, MACEE sees no reason for this trend not to continue. Also, he sees no big impact on American Degree Transfer Program (ADP) enrolments in Malaysian higher learning institutions. But these institutions say that it would be helpful if the US government clarifies its policy to reduce uncertainty.

" A unique study opportunity ", StarEducate, 23 April 2017

AUAM has had worked with MACEE, US Embassy, AmCham, and ADP Programs to promote US Education among the public. Besides organizing forums on education and other topics, our alumni members have made presentations in ADP Seminar series and worked with some of their Business clubs.

We would continue to work with the above bodies to help clarify and promote Education & Training in the United States.

Sunda Durairaju

Vice President – Education, Forum, and Youth Development